Professor Nomusa ‘Dudu’ Nzimande started her academic career with a Diploma in Nursing Education at the University of Natal, followed by a B.A. degree with majors Public Administration and Sociology at UZ.  She then pursued a B cur degree followed by a BA cur Hons, and MA cur, with Administration and Community Health Nursing. Finally, she acquired a D. Phil et Lit all from UNISA.

An academic, entrepreneur, author, change agent and international award winner, Prof Nzimande’s passion diligence and commitment has fueled the establishment and growth of the Academy.



She started teaching career at the King Edward Vii Campus and was appointed as the Principal of the Campus from 1990, a position she held for 16 yearS.

She has a BA, BA (HONOURS), Psychology Masters, and Degree in Clinical Psychology (UNISA) and a PhD in Social Sciences (UKZN).

An academic, author, professional nurse and a community builder, her experience dates back to 1972 where she started as a Nursing Lecturer at Natal College of Nursing and rising within the ranks till she was promoted to the position of a Principal in 1990.

She serves as a trustee at Equal Opportunity Development, the NGO involved in funding community development initiatives benefiting Early Childhood Development, Income generation and healthcare and Youth Development.